Management By Objectives

MBO Recurrent Training — sample program for one of customers


  • to refresh MBO principles;
  • to master adjustment of personal goals and the ones of subordinates based on KPIs;
  • to work out KPIs and train decomposition of the goals;
  • to practice to conduct a briefing session for setting / updating the goals.


  • interactive, practical oriented,
  • real business cases;
  • application of easy-to-fill in tables;
  • short videos for good and for fun.


Session 1

  • Brief review of MBO as a system.
  • Discussion of problems emerging in the process of goal and KPI setting. Gathering expectations
  • Introducing advanced SMART-approach on the basis of trainer’s experience.

 Session 2

  • Work with “complicated” KPIs of the participants.
  • Cascading/decomposition of goals.

 Session 3

  • How to conduct effective goal setting / adjustment session.
    • WEAR-Approach in delivering a business task.
    • R-I-C Table to frame expectation.
    • Briefing scenario to set/adjust goals based

Session 4 

  • Execrcise to develop MBO Chart for specific department